Jupiter Light Mover Kit 1

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  • Manufactured in Australia from high quality parts
  • Serviced in Australia and the UK by trained technicians
  • 2 year warranty
  • Reduce lamp to plant distance without burning tender growing tips of plants
  • Reduce power costs
  • Increased penetration of high intensity light below plant canopy
  • Increased yield due to increased budding sites
  • Healthier even growth patterns > higher yielding plants
  • Increased air flow due to movement of the lamps heat > decreased fungal growth
  • Jupiter 2 light movers including new kits for tents
  • Move from 1 light up to 6 lights

Jupiter Light Mover Kit 1

 2 M Aluminium rail 

Light movers are mechanical devices that move grow lights in a fixed pattern over a garden. They can can increase the coverage light by 140%. The real advantage, is MUCH more light is available to the plants when the light is in motion. With a stationary light, all that is shaded will remain in the shade, with a mover the light hits the plants from all angles, giving better coverage and therefore increased yields.

Jupiter 2 light movers are available in 2 configurations: rotating arms (like a ceiling fan) and along a rail that moves back and forth.

Successfully utilising a light mover provides better light efficiency, electricity savings, increases light coverage and results in a heavier harvest with better plant growth.

The Jupiter 2 light mover effectively reduces shading and provides increases of around 20% to your yield. The science behind this product relates to the plants containing phytochromes, photoreceptors that control physiological and developmental reactions to fluctuations of red and far red light.